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By Christopher CookLifeAtStart Reporter

High school hallways are great. I love being late to class because the people in front of me don’t know how to walk correctly. There are so many types of people that walk in the halls of Start and I decided to give them each names and state my issue with them.

The Walking Dead- At the beginning of the day when the first bell rings, you get what some people call “The Walking Dead” because it seems everyone is mindlessly walking together as slow as possible, almost like zombies. It is a great start to the day.

Couples- You have the “Couples”, you never really know how to get around them and end up running into them because they stop to do couple things.

Texters- You also have the “Texters” who will stop to send messages to whomever right in your way and cause you to stop walking and wait for them to finish.

SQUAD- The “SQUAD,” are the ones who stop and take pictures and throw a fit when you walk through their shot.

Runners- They are the kids who sprint everywhere. It’s like they don’t have time to get to cross country practice or are really ecstatic about their education, either way it forces them to run at like top speed through the busy hallways cutting people off and sometimes even falling. I remember my freshman year one kid was sprinting and fell so hard, I went to help but he was already up and running again to his next class.

Herds- Those big packs of people who walk as slow as they can and take up every inch of the hallway forcing you to do the same. They always make me late to class.

Boom Box- These are the people who don’t understand the concept of headphones and play their music for the whole school to hear.

Mr. Popular- The guy who is friends with everybody and stops to say ‘hello” to every student in the school.

Wrong Way- The kids who will be on the left side of the hallway when turning and run head first into the people on the right side (happens to me every day).

All of these people are great. This is just my personal list of the hallway people at Start, and I think you can now see why I’m often late to class.

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