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Luck? Or karma?


By Christopher Cook / LifeAtStart.com Reporter
I consider myself lucky, but don’t truly know what luck is.

The dictionary definition says that luck is: “Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.” This infers that there are two types of luck, good and bad. Good luck is associated with health, well being, and good fortune while bad luck is¬†associated with the opposite.

I consider my luck to be good. I have had a few experiences that led me to this belief. Once I purchased food and it cost $2.75. I paid the cashier with a ten dollar bill so the change would be $7.25, right? Well that was wrong according to the cashier who gave me $17.25, a ten-dollar gain on my part.

Another time, I paid a cashier a twenty for something that cost $1.50. My change for that was $23.50, which seemed pretty accurate in my mind, just kidding.

It all seems to be good, for now. Though everything is good at the moment karma states that every action has a reaction. All of these good things could be making up for bad things in the past or foreshadowing bad things in the future. I’m hoping for the first because the latter does not seem appealing.

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