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By Christopher CookLifeAtStart.com Reporter

If there is one thing that I do flawlessly, it is procrastinating.

To procrastinate, by definition, is to defer action or delay. This can apply to all things like assignments, articles, waking up, and even eating.

Procrastinators don’t do this on purpose. They normally would love to spend the time on their tasks and get them done. Most procrastinators even go as far as setting up a schedule of when they are going to do things. Then once it gets time to follow the schedule they push it back, normally with the “always tomorrow” mindset.

I will procrastinate everything in life. I set eight alarms every morning to wake me up, but I always know there is another alarm so only the last one wakes me up. I don’t do most of my homework until the class before its due, which could cause problems but hasn’t yet. Most projects that are supposed to be well thought and have a couple days spent on I complete in a few hours on the day before they would be due. I don’t even eat until right before I sleep because I push it back until then.

I think the biggest problem for those who procrastinate is the lack of motivation. If they were more motivated to do these things they would get more done before last minute. Hopefully I can one day break my procrastination curse, but until then I will finish this article later.

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