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Am I bad luck?


By Christopher Cook/ LifeAtStart.com reporter

In a previous article I explained how my luck is good, but lately I feel like I’m bad luck. I honestly don’t understand why, but I feel I bring bad things wherever I go. I don’t go to sports games often, but when I do the teams always seem to lose, and I don’t say always lightly.

On the second of April I attended a Walleye game. They seemed to be having a good season so I figured I would go and check it out. After the game tied during the first period the other team scored a second point.Though the teams had a strong hatred for each other, shown by the fighting, they both played well. Throughout periods two and three they struggled and failed to make another goal to tie up the game.

This is only one example out of many but all similar situations. The team I go to see always ends up losing at all sporting events. This confuses me considering I think I’m lucky. ¬†Hopefully I will understand this more some day but until then I can only guess. Any questions please contact me: [email protected]