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That one guy from that one movie


By De’Lani Fuller / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Michael Cera is a Canadian actor and musician. Because I really don’t know what to write about yet, I will tell you about him.

This wonderful actor is in some great movies like Juno, Year One, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Superbad, and so many more. Cera usually plays a very awkward guy. In these movies Cera falls for a very beautiful girl who he thinks is out of his league, but in the end he gets her. He acts like him self in the movies he’s been in.

He started his career very young. He is now 28  years old. He also did some work in music like in 2010 Cera contributed mandolin and back up vocals to the Weezer song “Hang On” from their album Hurley. Cera is very good with the bass, you can see some of his skills with it in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

But one reason I wrote about this actor is because he is my favorite.