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The Eulogy of L. Bulb


By Christopher Cook / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

We are all joined here over the loss of our mutual friend, LB. We have been through a lot with LB and I thought it necessary to say a few words.

LB, you were vital to our daily routine, and were definitely taken for granted. We have been through tough times like our discussion of Rayne’s father. We have met new people together as well, like our pal Carl Azuz.

We have heard stories of people changing, but you always stayed the same. We never stopped to ask and didn’t even know how your day had been or if you were alright. All the way up to your last moments we didn’t even know you were sick. We used you up to the last minute and we are sorry for that. Though you have been through a lot I hope you enjoyed your stay with us.

Until next time, just know you will be missed and I hope wherever you are headed the light continues to shine for you, as you once did for us.
R.I.P. LB January 2008~ October 2016

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