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The Fidget Spinner


By Christopher Cook/ LifeAtStart.com reporter

Recently a new trend has swept the streets worldwide. Everyone is going crazy about it. The fidget spinner has become so popular you can find it at almost any store. What exactly is a fidget spinner? A fidget spinner is a toy used for releasing stress and helping to keep focus. It consist of various different materials with a central bearing allowing the toy to spin.
Fidget spinners aren’t actually new, they have been around for almost 30 years originally created in the 90s. Catherine A Hettinger was the original creator of the toy. Part of the reason the spinner’s ¬†popularity has risen¬†is because Catherine lost her rights to the patent on the spinner after not being able to afford the payment. The next owner must have had plenty of advertisement money to allow these to go mainstream very fast.

I have seen first hand how popular these spinners are. Throughout the school there is a significant amount of students with spinners. I myself even purchased one. Though these are popular I don’t see why people came to my car wash to only purchase the spinners. I work at a car wash, and inside there is a small store. The store is convenient but if you’re coming to a car wash just for the store well then I feel bad for you.
These spinners have gone viral but will die out just as quick as the last trend. If they last it through the summer I will be very surprised. Any questions please contact me at [email protected]

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