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Simple things made easier


By Jocelyn Hennessey / Reporter at LifeAtStart.com

Did you know you may be doing the most simple things wrong? Everyday things we do actually have a specific way of doing them. Here is some things I discovered.

  1. Removing the stem from the strawberry- Instead of cutting the leaves off the strawberry and wasting a good chunk of it, poke a hole through the bottom to the top with a straw and it will pop right off.
  2. Bobby pins- The wavy side is actually supposed to be face down, holding the hair in place.
  3. Aluminum Foil- Instead of the roll slipping out of the box, there is actually two cardboard tabs on the sides of the box that you push inward. That will hold the roll in place.
  4. Apples- We actually waste about 30 percent of an apple by eating it from the side. To be less wasteful, eat it top to bottom.
  5. Wet nail polish- Instead of waiting for it to dry, stick your freshly painted nails in ice water for about two minutes. You will be good to go.
  6. Bananas- Instead of peeling a banana from the top, with all the small strings along with it, peel the banana from the bottom.
  7. Scratching out words- If you don’t want the word you messed up on to be legible, instead of scribbling it out, write random lines and letters over it.
  8. Packing- Instead of folding your clothes flat into a suitcase, try rolling your clothes instead. It will create more room.

    If you didn’t know these things, you do now. You’re welcome.

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