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Lyric Pranks


By Christopher Cook / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Some of you might know what a lyric prank is, but for the ones who don’t here is a quick rundown.

A lyric prank is when you text someone, that you usually know, lyrics to a song. The song can either be relevant to the conversation or completely random. This is done mostly for comedic reasons but can be used for other things also.

The point of a lyric prank is to get a reaction. Whether it be funny or mean and get them laughing or crying, in the end it’s all for fun. For example, you could text “Hello” by Adele, which talks about apologizing and wanting to talk again, to someone you formally dated and totally confuse them. The results would be hysterical.

The creator of lyric pranks is a YouTuber known as Mike Fox. He has grown to 1.2 million subscribers since his first lyric prank video dating back to March 2016. Though Mike Fox created this prank many others have milked it for the views it brings in. Mike Fox didn’t patent his idea, but he does have some crazy subscribers that will attack your comments if you don’t give him credit in the video.

I hope this is an eye opener to those of you that are unaware. I have used these on my friends but haven’t had them on me, though I think I would catch on. If you ever see a message or messages that don’t seem exactly right, double check they aren’t song lyrics.

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