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A huge success for Klei Entertainment


By Dom / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

In 2013, the game Don’t Starve was released, a hit survival video game that struck many as addicting and a game everyone should try.

The game is about a scientist named Wilson who finds himself in a dark world and must survive as long as he can. The game includes different statuses that you must keep check on to keep him alive; for example he needs to keep his hunger up so he in turn doesn’t starve.

Don’t Starve was Klei Entertainment’s first game in the survival genre. The game was influenced by another hit game known as Minecraft.

The game was also influenced in a Tim Burton artistic style. The game received positive reviews mainly for its original style, music and variety of ways for the player to die. The first Don’t Starve game was less enjoyed in terms of permanent death and high level difficulty.

The game designers took this into consideration and created another version of the game, newer and refurbished called Don’t Starve Together. This one is a bit different, Wilson now has new and unique allies to play with during his own survival. This game had the same concept of the original but new things to build, new people to play, and online server games.

Now people can join each other’s servers by playing with friends or joining a public server. You can also change the difficulty of the server and what spawns into the game and so forth. Each server build is completely unique and randomly generated. I personally enjoy the series, it offers a lot of free opportunity and imagination.

There’s little rules and guidelines which means more time to use your brain and own creative mind.

I strongly recommend people to try this game if you are a fan of Minecraft or if you’re interested in survival games that keep you on the edge of your seat with the surprising amount of variety in the game.

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