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By Dom  /LifeAtStart.com reporter

I figure if I’m gonna make Overwatch articles I should talk about some things that are in the game. While you play, sometimes characters interact with one another. The heroes communicate depending on the map you play on or the heroes you’re using, they can also interact when you eliminate an enemy depending on who it is.

Another great feature in Overwatch is it’s health packs scattered around the map. Let’s say you’re fighting someone and you’re far away from your team so you’re not getting healed, you can easily find a health pack in a distant location not too far from where you are, it’s almost guaranteed. Health packs can heal you depending on the size of it, they have small capsules and huge pack. The huge one can heal you from 1 to 350 and most heroes are only 200-250hp (no you cannot stack health in case you were wondering.) The smaller one can only heal about 100 but it respawns a lot faster than the huge one.

Once you play enough of the maps you’ll find secret locations all over that you can use to your advantage. I use these to execute plays, meaning to get something done so my team can move forward. This game encourages the “picks” and can easily determine the value of getting someone off guard.

The best way to get picks is to focus on a target you think is valuable, typically a healer or attacker.¬†Taking this target down can allow for advances or benefits to the next fight. “Well why do you think that?” Think about it like this, once this person dies they will have to wait on the respawn timer, run all the way to the objective they are defending, and if your teams smart they’ll already have gotten good picks themselves.

Finally the best feelings in Overwatch, combining ultimates for huge values to move your team up or control an objective. Things like this are hard to pull off at first but once you do it feels so nice. You’re doing things right and results are coming in and your team is saying “good job” or “let’s push to the objective”. Things like this are really satisfying to the player and make them really team friendly.

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