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By Dom / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

About a month ago I started playing the hyped up shooter game known as Overwatch. The game can be competitive, loose or just in all whatever you want it to be. There’s a huge diversity of heroes in the game to choose from each with their own talent or job.

A specific character that interests me is Widowmaker. She is a difficult sniper to understand, but she gets the job done if played correctly. You are free to choose any character but when you pick Widowmaker you are highly bullied by the community.

I’ve taken this into account and spent about 5 hours of my weekend playing as her. I would like to say I had fun, but as for my team they would feel otherwise. Overwatch is an overall team game, and your decisions impact the game completely. So when I picked Widow they figured I was “trolling” aka throwing away a free game. I told them I was learning how to play her but they would hop in front of me and get in my way to ruin my shots.

Widowmaker could be legendary in areas, but when people bully a player into not playing a specific hero just because it didn’t fit their standards, it doesn’t seem fair. I use the term “bully” because, along with people interrupting my shots, they can also get on voice channel and call me out specifically for their choices.

This surprises me because, like I said before, Overwatch is a team game so it couldn’t have just been my fault.

If you pay $40 for a game, you should be able to play however you want.

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Keep calm and Widowmaker on

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