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Review of Resident Evil 7


By Dom  / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Gamers are really enthusiastic about the new Resident Evil 7 game that was released a week ago. The game starts a new type of horror mystery style and lures you in with its constant suspense. The gaming community has leaned towards a direction of wanting to be scared, but also a slight sense of security. This odd factor blends well with the imaginative section of the mind.

Games like these keep your mind active and full of wonder as you play. There is a lot of freedom in this game as well. You’re free to do as you please to get through the game. I won’t spoil too much of the game (just in case you want to play) but the main character, Ethan, ends up in a house and is helplessly trying to escape. Ethan’s wife is stuck in the house as well and he’s trying to get her out. You’re free to make decisions that impact the story line and you’re welcome to reset as well.

Layers of Fear, Dead Space, and Outlast are games that follow a similar path to Resident Evil 7. They entertain and scare the player giving that feeling of “Can I play through this or should I break? This game is really scary.” Once you get over the chills, it motivates you to keep going. How much more scary can it possibly get?

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