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The perks of being minimalistic


By Kayce Lopez / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

The true definition of minimalism goes by what happened in the world of art, meaning simple creations of sculptures, music, or literature. A minimalistic lifestyle holds the same definition, just applied to modern life. Simplicity itself is often sought out by anyone who’s overwhelmingly busy, or who strive to keep things uncomplicated. Most people don’t grasp the idea or pin it as unnecessary and bland. The concept can be beneficial to all types of lifestyle’s and mindsets. Here are three easy minimalistic changes you can implement into your everyday routine. Doing these things will give you more space and energy to have and do things that really matter.

I. Maintain a Healthy Diet
Cut down on foods that are processed and cooked for long periods of time. You should cut out meat if you can or want to, but make sure to get other sources of protein. Doing this will give your body more energy to do the things you want.

II. Stop Multitasking
Chronic multitaskers have increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which can damage the memory region of the brain. Single-tasking, although slower than what you’re use to, is less straining for your mind.

III. Get Rid of Stuff
Clean out your closet and get rid of clothes you don’t wear and will never wear again. Having less clutter in certain areas will both make it easier to do simple tasks, like finding a good outfit, and inspire you to keep other things less cluttered as well.

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