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T-Racer the Overwatch speed car


By Dom /LifeAtStart.com Reporter

I think I have a lot more fun-writing articles about Overwatch character reviews. I hope no one minds too much.

Anyways, when I started Overwatch I didn’t know which character suited me the best in terms of style, comfort, and skill level so I went to someone I knew from the cover of the game – Tracer.

Tracer is fast and fragile, almost like a dog, a small dog. Tracer is an attacker and is usually played to go behind and around her targets to basically annoy them and focus the healers. Overall she’s very unique due to her speed and her recall (a move that causes to go back in time 4 seconds any damage done to her is erased and her health returns to what it was 4 seconds prior).

Tracer has a unique ultimate, a sticky bomb. The bomb does exactly what you think, it attaches to a enemy and detonates, blowing anyone it latches to in an area of effect. This can kill multiple people but it has a timer before it explodes so it is usually easier to dodge.

When I found Tracer I realized how fun the Overwatch experience was going to be – something different. Playing her over the course of about eight hours of gameplay has been very adventurous and full of laughter and satisfaction. I highly encourage you to play Tracer if you love to move fast and get things done yourself.

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