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Dear Donald Trump,

You have recently stated that what you said was “locker room talk” and as a girl, your comment disturbs me. If you actually did what you said in those leaked tapes, it would be considered sexual assault. Since you are a guy, you probably would of gotten away with it just like Brock Turner got a light sentence with raping a girl.

You make comments about hating how girls look and if they look a certain way then they aren’t really a girl. What do you know about being a female? Did you have to fight for your right to vote? Cry in a court room when the judge set your rapist free, because the guy said that you were asking for it and you were too intoxicated to remember anything that happened? Did you have to fight for your right to have an education at a good school? Did you have to go through 15 hours of labor to welcome a baby into this world?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you have no say in what makes or breaks a woman. I was rooting for you since the beginning and I have tried to get passed the comments you have made about girls and even the comments you have made about your own daughter and wife.

Tell me, did your daughter get to where she is because of you? Let me answer this question for you, no. She got here through hard work and dedication, because she’s a woman and women fight for what they believe in.

But none of this probably matters to you, because I’m a girl and anything that comes out of my mouth is stupid and idiotic to you. Don’t worry though, I’m going to college for psychology so I’ll be able to study that brain of yours in no time.

Sincerely, Rayne.

P.S. Hillary, you are next. So don’t think you are getting out of it.

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