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Respect is a two way street


By Rayne Wilcox/ LifeAtStart.com reporter

Recently, LifeAtStart.com received a suggestion through our new app to write an article showing the importance of being respectful to the teachers here at Start. We felt it was important to address this issue.

School is one of our guides in learning and being successful. It is our responsibility to pay attention and be respectful to our teachers who are trying to help us be successful in and out of school. Respect can be shown in a variety of ways. For example, listening to your teacher when they are teaching or cleaning up after yourself are just some ways that you can show respect as a student.

Although we are responsible for our behavior and the effort we give to achieve good grades, it is also the teacher’s and school’s responsibility to help us reach our full potential.

The requirements expected of us are at their all time high. It is not only hard for us students, but for our teachers who have to abide by certain regulations for us to meet these academic guidelines. It is just as hard for them as it is for us. For instance, this year seniors have to take their exams at the same time as the rest of the school. This is not only hard on the students, but it’s hard on the teachers who have to quickly grade the exams in time for graduation.

We need to keep our respect for them. This sets us up for future successes or failures which in the end, fall on us. For example, a student who has a reputation for being respectful to teachers may receive more leniency on assignments. A teacher may not trust a student who has a reputation for being disrespectful.

Determination, focus, and dedication are what we have control of which will determine our future success. Although it’s important for students to show respect to the teachers it is also important for teachers to show respect to the students.┬áRespect works both ways.

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