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Break up tips


By Rayne Wilcox

LifeAtStart.com reporter

Have you ever been in a relationship only for it to end unexpectedly?

Well, I have and I am here to give you tips on how to get rid of the negativity of your exes and their rudeness.

1. Talk to your friends about it. Talking to your friends about your break up will help you tremendously.

2. Take a hot bubble bath with extra bubbles or use a bath bomb and light some candles. This will help you relax.

3. Write. Writing with music turned on low volume will help you get through anything. Writing down how you feel will help you get through many things. Break ups are one of them.

4. Talk to your mom. She will give you the best advice. It may hurt, but she knows what’s best for you. As the song goes from the famous Disney movie Tangled, “Mother knows best.”

Overall, boys are not worth crying over. If you are a boy reading this, girls are not worth it either. You are in control of your life and happiness. The right person will find their way into your life.