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A new chapter begins


By Rayne Wilcox
LifeAtStart.com reporter

As the school year comes to a close, so does my time being in Journalism. I began to come to journalism when I was a Sophomore and ever since then, I have taken it up until my very last year of high school.
Being the editor of LifeAtStart has been an honor and I am so grateful for my teacher, Mrs. Mary Mandley. This wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for her helping me become a better writer. It’s been a privilege to work on the website for three years.
Through every obstacle that was thrown at us, when the website was down and we couldn’t edit any articles, or when Dave Murray came to the classroom every Wednesday, we managed to push on through it.
I’m going to miss being a part of this class. It’s my all time favorite and I know I will tell my friends in the present and future about my time in Mrs.Mandley’s Journalism class.