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An Open letter to my father


By Rayne Wilcox/ Lifeatstart.com reporter

Hey ‘dad’ I did it without you.

Dear dad, do you remember me? I’m your daughter that you dropped off at the face of the Earth.

I know that you probably won’t care about this letter that will be full of what I’ve been feeling lately  due to your selfishness, and you probably won’t ever know that this letter exists, because you haven’t downloaded the app for journalism  that I’ve told you about over and over again.

Now this letter starts at the age of six, when you picked me up from my mom’s house. I remember vividly that you were talking about going to the fair that was happening that  weekend and I was excited about being able to spend time with you in what seemed like forever in a little girl’s mind.

Do you remember what happened that night? I do. You dropped me off at my grandparents house and took your girlfriend to the fair instead. You let me down once again.

Do you remember the father daughter dances  that my grade school held? You probably don’t because you only went to one.  While the little girls all had their daddies at the dance, I was with the closest thing to a father figure in my life, My stepdad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for him but it hurt like hell that I wasn’t with you.

My mom has tried telling you​ that one day I’ll stop wasting my breath on you and completely cut you out of my life.

She’s right, but I don’t know when that day will come. I give you countless chances and it shouldn’t be like this. I am your daughter and I shouldn’t have to beg my own father to be in my life.

Your version of spending time with me was taking me to a bar with you so you could hangout with your buddies. It’s quite comical, really it is. You couldn’t go a day without drinking even for your daughter.

Let’s come back to the present world. I was part of the play, Get Smart in my school’s Drama Club. You promised me that you would show up and support me. What did you do? You stood me up.

You never showed up and you have the decency to message me during class on Monday saying that you couldn’t make it because of a headache.  How low can you go, dad?

My grandma made sure to make it and I know damn well that if my grandpa were still here, he would of made it as well. But you couldn’t make it because of a headache that you could have taken  medication for?

Thank you for showing me what not to look for in a partner. You’ve hurt me a lot mentally.  And one day, I will get over it. Maybe that day will be soon or it’ll be 20 years down the road, I don’t really know.

I hope you change your ways so I can have my dad back, but until then, goodbye.