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Was Jesus an alien?


By Tori St.Clair / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

I’ve written an article about aliens before, but this one takes it a little farther.

Minister Barry Downing argues that the events depicted in the Bible are evidence of extraterrestrial activity that was misinterpreted by early humans. He even goes as far as to say Jesus was an alien.

I don’t think this idea is all that crazy. Why wouldn’t Jesus be an alien?

A lot of parts of his story and the Bible seem a little extraterrestrial if you think about it. The fact that Mary was impregnated while being a virgin, how her baby could perform miracles, and how in the Bible Jesus claims he is literally not of this world.

Many artists in the Middle Age depicted very odd scenes of his life through their paintings, suggesting a possible connection with extraterrestrial technology. There are hundreds of paintings from this time period showing UFO type vehicles. In 1710, Gelder painted a large object hovering over Jesus’s baptism scene, which I think is the most compelling piece of evidence for this theory.

Unfortunately there is no actual proof to verify any of Downing’s claims about Jesus being an alien to be true, and a big debate is whether biblical accounts should be taken as literal fact or metaphors. As our knowledge of the universe continues to expand, our questions concerning the worlds largest religion can be expected to grow too.

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