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Opening your mind


By Tori St. Clair / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

When you expand your mind, you open yourself up to different wonders and different perspectives of the world. This not only can help with reducing stress, but you can also discover new and exciting thoughts and ideas you never knew existed. Whether you’re 17 or 62, you should want to preserve your mental acuity for the rest of your life. So here are a few simple strategies to keep your mind working as efficiently as possible and expand your point of view.

1. Listen to music: Music can inspire high brain function, causing you to think outside the box and more creatively.

2. Take a walk: Especially when you walk alone, you can think about all the things you don’t usually have time to ponder.

3. Read a book: No matter what type of book you choose, your mind has to process all the new information you’re thinking. When you open a book, you open your mind.

4. Take a different route to common places: The change of scenery will provide a mental and sensory stimulation because you’re more open and seeing things differently.

5. Write: Whether you write short stories or journal entries, writing will expand your thoughts, and can be a healing exercise in general.

6. Meditate: Meditation narrows our focus and awareness, and calms our mind, allowing us to be more open. It’s as simple as sitting for 10 minutes listening to soft music.

When I’m feeling stressed out I listen to music to relax and read a lot. I usually walk home from school so that gives me time to collect my thoughts if I have something on my mind. Most of these seem to work for me, so I hope at least one of the six work for you too.

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