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Mandela Effect part II


By Tori St. ClairLifeAtStart.com Reporter

I recently wrote an article listing a few examples of the Mandela Effect, the phenomenon where millions of people have a vivid memory of something that never happened, or happened a completely different way than what everyone has thought. Some more examples of this I have found are:

1. Thousands of people have merchandise and tattoos saying “We’re all mad here,” quoting the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, when the line is actually “Most everyone’s mad here.”

2. In the song “We Are The Champions” by Queen, many remember the song ending with the line “of the world!” But there is no “of the world,” the song just ends.

3. One of the most quoted lines from Silence of the Lambs is “Hello, Clarice.” He in fact never says this line, he simply says “goodmorning.”

4. Many people remember the old children’s show The Flintstones being The Flinstones.

5. Many thought Curious George had a tail, and even remember him using it to swing from the trees. But he has never actually had a tail.

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