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Flatbush Zombies- Aries track deconstruction


By Joseph Rowan / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Compared to other Flatbush Zombies songs, Aries focuses on black empowerment and anti-establishment lyrics. The group made the song for the comic book company Marvel for their upcoming Black Panther project.

In the first verse of Aries, the lyrics focus on politics and the mind. They rap “It’s like we stuck in a prison, suffering from lack of wisdom, suffering from lack of determination.” They feel like they’re trapped in a metaphorical prison and that society has a very narrow way of thinking. Then they address the divide between races in America with the line “Aided, but mostly separated by color deficiency.”

This line is very powerful because it says that African Americans can be aided with scholarships and with better opportunities, but despite this fact there is an obvious divide between colors in America.

The second verse of the song addresses the unfair treatment of African Americans in America. They state “Segregation, separation, take my people, chain my people, ship them out, build a nation.” This really shows the unfair treatment that “his people” have been through.

The third verse adds onto the first verse with the idea that the masses of people in America don’t recognize brutality and that people are in a mental prison, or as they state “Taught to follow the system that institution be prison.”

Finally, the outro of the song uses repetition of the line “Break the chain, break the chain” which is telling the people to break the chain of corruption in our current time.

 This is my opinion on what the song may mean, if you have a different opinion you can feel free to contact me at my email [email protected].
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