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By Kasey BrownLifeatStart.com Reporter

Teens typically have a problem maintaining a regular sleep schedule. This can come from studying all night for a big test or staying on social media too long, either way it happens and it’s hard to get back to normal sleeping habits once it starts. So I have a list of things to do to help you get back on track.

  • The first tip I have for you is to stick to a routine. When you pick a consistent time to go to sleep, you’re training your body to feel tired at a certain time.
  • The second tip is to only lay in your bed when your going to sleep. This will help your body associate the bed with sleeping.
  • The third and final tip is to take naps for the right amount of time. Quick 30 minute naps will help you feel refreshed while still being able to sleep at night. Longer naps will leave you feeling groggy and even more tired.

Hopefully these tips helped you fix your bad sleeping habits. If you have any more questions contact me at [email protected]

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