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By Kasey Brown / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Journalism is a fairly easy class. You write about something on your mind every two weeks and can get an A.

Here are just a couple ways you can pass the class with little to no effort.

The best things to write about are things that involve yourself, opinions are normally the easiest. You can voice your opinion on almost any subject and pass it off as an article. You could also write about any complaints you have about the school in hopes that they’ll one day be fixed.

Another common thing many students will post are poems. Poems normally are short and can get you an effortless grade if done right. Most poems normally don’t get posted and often are stolen from the internet. If you are like me and don’t plagiarize, then I have some tips for writing poems.

The first thing to know is to make your poems meaningful. Don’t slap together a couple of child-like rhymes and call it a poem; make it symbolic for something. The symbolism can be something simple and doesn’t have to be too deep. If you put in the effort to make it seem like you’re actually trying to be artistic then it should get you the grade.

If you don’t like any of the examples above there are still some less common and just as easy article ideas for you.

One type of article is like the very article you are reading now, an article that gives you tips on something. They are just as easy if not easier than poems because you can offer advice you may have about any given subject. The only difference is people will actually enjoy these types of articles because they are meant to help others who may not be as experienced with something.

Journalism can be a free credit if you put a little effort into it, I hope these few ideas helped you pass Journalism.

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