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The cease of subliminal self expression


By Kayce Lopez  / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

It’s January, and everyone is still annoying.

Each social media I’m signed up for is constantly flooded by posts from people who think all of their followers should and do wholeheartedly care about every little thought, picture, or complaint. I see these posts and a chant saying, “Nobody cares,” always repeats in my head, sometimes even making its way aloud. These bouts of frustration have induced resentment towards my peers, even stopping me from expressing myself. My lack of public over share and their gap fillers seem to have drained my empathy, though I’ve never been very involved with people anyway, but that doesn’t mean these people aren’t actually annoying. They border on narcissism and, again, don’t see that nobody really cares.

Getting them to shut up will never be a success because they will probably block you, at least if you choose to be straightforward. Blocking them first is a good idea if you won’t get or don’t care about backlash, though even after doing so or calling them out they will shamelessly continue to share an essay about what happened and in turn annoy other people. Sympathy for the innocent shouldn’t be a problem if you remember your frustration, though. Being on good terms with everyone and keeping a passive image is important to me, so blocking is a risk.

Deleting social media is another option, yet another risk since self expression and interaction is healthy, but over exaggerating an experience and explaining it like it was the worst thing that’s ever happened to you is unnecessary and denouncing to people who want to say something important without being overshadowed by your irrelevant breakdowns. Please leave the 7th grader mindset and take things more loosely, let things go. Stressing yourself out stresses others out, too, and I hate it, everyone else hates it. Nobody cares.

If you suffer with this as well and want to converse about media culture, or want me to put you down than email me at [email protected]

Thank you.

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