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‘Stoney’ Album Review


By Joseph Rowan /LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Post Malone is a white rapper out of Texas who has been making music for around 3 years.

Recently he has released his first full length studio album, Stoney. His album was a huge surprise to me. I liked the 3 singles he released 2 years prior to the album releasing, but I did not like his mixtape August 26th.

Post Malone has a certain style when it comes to rapping and he captured that when he released Stoney.  Post Malone’s music is very catchy and incorporates many different styles of music, the last song on the album is called Feeling Whitney and is an acoustic indie song.

I thoroughly enjoyed Stoney by Post Malone and can say it is one of my favorite rap albums of 2016, I even bought the CD for it. Post uses a lot of trap inspired beats produced by Pharrell and they are mixed very nicely. Trap inspired beats are beats that use a lot of sounds such as: hi-hats, snares, and 808’s.

Although Post Malone doesn’t have the best lyrics, he definitely talks about things that are important to him: music, women, his girlfriend, and alcohol. I feel Post Malone is a rapper that anyone can listen to and enjoy.

If I had to rate Stoney by Post Malone I would give it an 8.5/10. What would you rate it?

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