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How to: Color blocking


By Joseph Rowan / LifeAtStart.com Reporter

Whenever I walk around Start, I see people who do not know how to dress. Not the people who don’t care how they look, but people that try and don’t succeed.

So I decided that I will make an article how to dress very minimalistic, but still look like you know what you’re doing.

When it comes to color blocking there are three basic things that you need to take into effect: color, contrast, and tone.

Color: Color is the most basic part of color blocking. Basically there are only a few colors you need: white, black, and gray tops with light wash or black denim.

Contrast: Contrast is the most important part of color blocking. The most basic outfit you could put together is a white top, black denim, and a white and black shoe (preferably vans or converse).

Another basic outfit is a dark colored top, light wash denim, and a white shoe. In this outfit the white shoe is contrast to the dark colored top.

Contrast works really well if you stay minimal, less is more.

Tone: Tone basically is taking those two basic outfits I gave you and switching out some items. Instead of white you could use a light gray colored top and you could use raw denim (dark blue) instead of black.

Also, if you get rid of the dark colored top and use a white tee that is another good option and a nice summer outfit.

That’s my take on it, but dress the way you want, it’s up to you.

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