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By Lydia Braden

LifeAtStart.com reporter

One of my favorite shows is Shameless, because of how real it is. It is based off of what life in the lower class level is really like, to which I can relate.

Shameless is more than just a demonstration of struggles in the lower class, it also contains love stories. Ian, one of the six Gallagher siblings, was in love with a gas station cashier and would occasionally hook up with him and no one in his family knew he was gay. When he eventually came out to his family, they all accepted him, and he went on to fall in love with a man named Mickey.

Shameless has really good actors and they all know how to play their roles. They all portray an amazing amount of emotion and I find it odd when I see the actors from Shameless in other movies or shows because it seems like they’re not acting at all. I feel that no show tops Shameless.