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WTOL is lit


By Cari Floyd
LifeatStart.com reporter

Everyone always dreads having to do state testing: it’s annoying, exhausting, and so drawn out. Last week, TPS had to do their state testing and one of our local news stations, WTOL 11, decided they would make a video to encourage the students to do well on their tests and to maybe relieve some of their stress. Within the video they used slang words such as, “gucci,” “yeet,” and “slay.” The video was supposed to be goofy and encouraging but everyone took it in the wrong way. It was called cringe-worthy and offensive. As a teenager, of course I thought it was a bit odd that adults were using our slang, but I never once would’ve considered it offensive. It was actually quite amusing.

Everyone quickly turned this video into a race issue, implying that only black people use these words, when in reality all teenagers no matter their race use them. The news anchors were simply trying to lighten the mood, but instead were being called racist. Using slang does not make anyone racist and if you think it does, you may need to do a little research and see what being racist really is. Everyone in this generation has become so sensitive and narrow-minded. I hope these next generations aren’t nearly as sensitive and are more open-minded.