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How to get better sleep


By Leah Collins
LifeAtStart.Com Reporter

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Not getting enough sleep can cause your brain to not function correctly, increases stress, affects your hormones and body.

One way to stay healthy and get better sleep is coming up with a schedule when going to bed, especially when you’re working or going to school the next day. Try get 7 to 9 hours of sleep; getting that amount of sleep is known as the best amount of sleep for an average person.

Another way of getting better sleep is not to drink anything before bed, especially alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol can mess up the circadian rhythm of your sleep. Caffeine can increase your focus and energy causing you to not feel tired. Drinking before bed can cause you to wake up from your sleep and want to use the restroom. Try avoiding such drinks and use the restroom before bed.

Bedroom temperatures, lights, and noises are also a common effect of not being able to sleep. When you’re in your bed you’re not able to sleep because either it’s too hot or too cold. Lights should be turned off when you are sleeping, also reduce noises around the room.

Relax and clear your mind of all things that you worry about. Clear your mind by taking a hot bath or shower. Read a book or listen to music. Worrying, nervousness, and being excited can keep you awake all night.

Enough sleep is good for your health. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll have a lot more energy to do things in your life and become less stressed. No need for caffeine to stay awake.