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Remembering Man-Man


By Isaac Momenee
LifeatStart.com reporter

This world has come to something that a lot of people didn’t think it would turn out to be. There is far too much violence in this generation that ranges from fighting on social media, fist fights, arguments, and gun violence. It’s getting out of control I think our generation needs to do something before it gets any worse than it is.

Roy C. has lost a family member on January 19th, Valjon “Man-Man” Foster. He was a great person and his life got cut short all because he was trying to break up a fight and some 16 year old kid shot him and took his life away. Man-Man was not only a great athlete, or a great person, he was a great student. He was a freshman at the University of Toledo on an academic scholarship. It’s sad to see someone I called my big brother pass away.

He honestly was a role model not just to me, but to many. I played football with Valjon for three years. He was always the person I would talk to about bettering myself and he always pushed me and others to excel. For these things, we will never forget you Man-Man.