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Got choice?


Lydia Braden
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Abortion has been the topic of discussion ever since the laws in Ohio for abortion has changed. Now in Ohio, if there is a fetal heartbeat you cannot have an abortion. I find a lot wrong with this new law.

First, there’s rape. If a woman is raped and happens to become pregnant but has no idea she’s pregnant, she will forever be stuck with the kid she never consented to have and isn’t prepared at all to be a parent. The mother wouldn’t have food on the table every night and the kid won’t have nice clothes because the mother doesn’t have money because she just wasn’t prepared.

I believe it should be the woman’s choice if she wants to have an abortion and the main reason the abortion laws have changed in my opinion is because of religion. For me personally, I don’t go by any religion, therefore if I was to end up pregnant at 17 I would want an abortion. However, for someone who is religious, they may not believe in abortion which is fine because they can choose not to have one and raise their child. Religion shouldn’t play a part in abortion, I believe it should be the women’s choice whether she wants an abortion. Now, in future years there will be a bigger percentage of lower class citizens because of all of the unprepared parents.