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By Cari Floyd
LifeatStart.com reporter

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects a women’s hormone levels. It can cause hair growth, acne, irregular menstrual cycles, and infertility. It can also cause cysts in the ovaries.

When I first found out that I had PCOS I was kind of confused because I never heard anything about it. My doctor didn’t really tell me a whole lot about it she just said I fit the criteria to have it and she instantly put me on birth control. As time went on I started to wonder more about it. I read on the internet that it could cause infertility. I instantly started to worry. Would I be able to have my own family someday? I’m still young and I maybe shouldn’t be too stressed about having kids, but it’s still something I would want to know about for the future.

I’ve always jokingly said “I’m not having kids” but now, the fact that I ever said that makes me incredibly sad. It breaks my heart to know there’s a possibility that I can’t start a family of my own someday. Sure, there’s adoption and I would love to do that, but I would also love to be able to have some of my own. Even if I could just have one, I wouldn’t be upset. To all the women with PCOS: I promise you are not alone. I pray everyone with this condition can start the families they’ve always wanted.