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Appreciate this school


By Kiddoo
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Roy C. Start High School, there’s more to it than what meets the eye. This school means something to some people including me. Statistics, statements, comments, and opinions may say this school sucks, but could we not judge a book by its cover? What matters is what goes on inside of the school. Yes, there may be a few rough edges and bumps, but just look beyond that.

I’m a sophomore at Start High School. I plan to play sports, I have a few friends, my grades are great, I’m cool with a couple staff members including the principal, Edward Perozek. I’m not the best student, but the people there know me well. The staff know what I strive for, who I really am, and what I been through. They will help and shape me into a better person and be ready for the world. There’s many more students like me, but it depends on each individual to accept the help.

The faculty care about us by having pep rallies, games, events, and even drills. They want the best for us, yet there’s some of us that take advantage or don’t apply ourselves. We are the next generation and we are failing miserably. We should appreciate this school and its staff more because like we’ve been told multiple times, they don’t have to do squat for us, as long as they get paid for teaching.

Now let’s be honest, sometimes it’s not the student, it could be the teacher. Some of the teachers at Start have issues, but who doesn’t? In any shape, does it justify the way you teach, act towards a student, and whatnot. One reason why a student may act disrespectfully is because the teacher provoked them. Some teachers have to understand that their personal lives shouldn’t get mixed up with their professional lives.

Hopefully, the students, faculty and staff will find a common ground. The students figuring out what they have to do and willing to do it and the faculty and staff being mature, professional and helpful, will led to Start being a better place.