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Cats get a bad rep


By Bella Mills
LifeAtStart.com reporter

The stigma around around cats has always been that they don’t care about their owners or just hate things in general. Here’s why that’s not completely true.

Cats are always compared to dogs. It’s just what people do. Some say cats can’t do tricks, or protect your house etc. Those are traits mainly of dogs. Cats have completely different abilities and personalities. They are self sufficient yet love interaction. The problem people have is that they can be pet “too much” which is when they get mean.

Cats are animals for people who like to stay calm, quiet and prefer a smaller animal who is still a good companion. People just compare them to dogs too often and become biased which is where the awful attitude comes from.

My cats Ninja and Tinsel are very sweet, but have very different personalities. Tinsel is very old and hides away, while Ninja is wild and can keep up with the fast paced nature of my house. I also have two dogs but I would never compare them to my cats.