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Fence Breaker


By Angel Shuster

LifeatStart.com reporter

Accidents shouldn’t define your skills. When I was nine years old I was at my uncle Rich’s house who has many four wheelers. My cousin Savannah grew up riding them and one day asked if I wanted to and of course, I said yes. I was driving hesitantly, we got close to the fence, and I was going to hit the brakes. But instead, I pulled the throttle. Within seconds, my uncle’s fence was knocked down. I was crying, felt hot headed, had no clue what to do, and then my uncle finally got home. I dreaded his arrival and was so nervous for what he might say. I was relieved when he said, ” Oh well it needed fixed anyways, this just gives me a reason to.”

To this day I’m called fence breaker and the fence is still not fixed. I will never live out of that name, but maybe this accident will call for an upgraded version. Ever since then, my mom has been very hesitant for me to drive. My very open minded papa decided to let me drive his new car. That may not have been the best idea because we also parked in front of a brick wall. We get ready to drive, I adjusted all the mirrors, the seat, and started the car. He switches the gear into drive and immediately is like, “HIT THE BRAKES, HIT THE BRAKES” being that I’ve never driven before, I wasn’t used to the pedals and slammed on the gas. Straight into the brick wall we went and I didn’t know what to do. My mind went blank and I felt like it was the end of the world. He wasn’t even mad, he felt like he was at fault, which he kind of was.

Because of these events, I may not get my driver’s license until I’m 40.