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Just say no.


By Korinne Phillips
LifeatStart.com reporter

There was once a lady we called Ms.D. She knew many people and played a big part in a lot of lives. She had jet black hair, wore red lipstick as red as the Devil’s skin, and had teeth as yellow and crooked as washed out wood on an abandoned house. She has known my dad since he was sixteen, ever since his mom died. She was a great comfort to him when she passed. He was introduced to her through some friends of his. She grew attached too my dad very quick and he did the same. She came in many different shapes and sizes. On different days she had different effects on my dad. Some days she made him happy others she made him angry. Some days she made him act stupid others he acted on the smart side.

Ms. D was introduced to my mom soon after I was born. She always knew of her, but was never properly introduced. My dad set up a date for them to meet. By the time they were acquainted my mom was 20. My mom and Ms.D clicked very quick, mostly because my dad needed and wanted them to click. My dad started to act really sneaky when Ms.D was around. Sometimes he tried to hide her from my mom. I thought that this was strange, but then again maybe he only snooped around because Ms.D wasn’t close to my mom yet. The days went by and Ms.D started to come over on an everyday basis. The more she came over, the more suspicious and evil she seemed to get. She gave you a glare with her devilish eyes that would scare you to death. She also gave you a huge grin that made you addicted to her. She was so strange that you just couldn’t stay away. There was something about her that made you want more.

When I was younger, I like to think that I lived a decent life. Maybe that was only because I couldn’t quite understand what was really going on. As the time went on my parents started to act even more strange. I’m saying strange because with her visiting my mom and dad more, my parents started acting weird. They pushed us aside for her. I started to take care of my siblings all by myself. I paid for them to be able to eat and sometimes I even paid for their school field trips. My siblings and I started to feel alone. Ms. D made our parents drink all the time and when they drank they fought. They didn’t only fight verbally, but physically. There was always broken glass lying on the floor the next morning. If there wasn’t glass on the floor then there was holes in the walls, busted out windows, food all over the house, or bruises on my parents. The next morning it was always my responsibility to clean it up. They left us kids crying and caused the cops to be called on them at least two times a month.

My parents never really cared if us kids were around. They did whatever they wanted to do, even if it was inappropriate to do around us kids. They continued to let Ms. D come around. They would always sneak off to the bathroom for multiple hours at a time. No, not to do what you’re thinking of. After being in the bathroom for three hours my parents would come out of the bathroom with out Ms.D and hide in corners and shake their legs constantly or look out of the windows. My mom and dad praised her. You could here my mom grit her teeth and watch her nose wiggle almost as if she was a bunny.

They always spent money on her and treated her like a part of the family. One day my mom and dad watched Ms. D steal our money, our house, our family, and our bond with each other. They let Ms.D get us kids taken away, only being allowed to see my mom and dad on weekends. She made my parents weak and vulnerable. She broke our relationship. My parents have finally let go of Ms.D or so they say. The sad part is they didn’t try to let go until they watched her rip everything we worked for out from beneath us. We still suffer from Ms.D and my parents mistakes. I don’t live with all of my siblings. It’s hard to concentrate in school because I’m afraid that they will not be able to keep a clean slate. I worry for my sisters and how these events will affect them. My parents still don’t get along and struggle when it comes to staying clean. My dad and mom are splitting and my dad has decided to move. Ms. D has taught my parents to do nothing, but run from their problems instead of facing their fears. They’ve become cowards and over time when they tell me something I imagine that it’s all lies covered in bliss. When I look at my mom and dad they now have blood shot eyes, wear all black, and have a crooked, yellow smile. What is unbelievable is that they still seem too be happy with themselves. The difference is that when you look at my siblings and I you see faces covered in tears, sorrows, and nothing but scars their behaviors have left on our arms, our hearts, and our heads.