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Get involved, play football


By Jack Robaszkiewicz

LifeatStart.com reporter

I coach football for the DeVeaux Vikings. I enjoy helping young men learn a sport that I love and seeing them mature along the way. However, recently my fellow coaches and I have seen a sharp decrease in the number of kids who come to try out. I thought maybe it was just our team; However, talking to other coaches in the league, they’ve experienced the same thing.This is upsetting to me as a coach. Football is such an amazing sport to watch and play. There are so many life lessons that can be taught through the game.

Football is the best way to teach kids how to work together as a team. In order to be a successful team all 11 guys on the field have to do their job. If one person fails to execute, everyone can suffer. This can be applied to everyday life. If you want to be successful in your future job you’re going to have to learn how to work with people. Teamwork is vital for success.

On top of teamwork, football teaches you how to overcome adversity. You’re not going to win every game that you play. If that were the case then what’s the fun in that? You’ve got to learn how to bounce back after losing and get stronger for the next game, that’s what makes you a better player and person. In life you’re going to run into rough patches along the way. Not everything is going to be perfect, nothing ever is. When you learn how to fight through adversity everything becomes a lot easier.

Football allows kids to get used to criticism. When you play the sport you’re going to make mistakes and coaches are going to yell at you; believe me, I do it all the time. It doesn’t mean we’re mad at you. We just want to coach you and make sure you learn from your mistakes. In order to grow and develop as a person, you have to get used to being criticized. Coachable kids make employable adults.

There’s so much you can gain from playing football. Not only do you make lots of friends, you learn valuable lessons that last a lifetime. That’s why seeing less kids play is disappointing. You can learn so much if you just give it a shot. If you know any young man who’s looking to get involved in after school activities, football is the way to go.