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Tweeting tension


By John Irby

LifeatStart.com reporter

Bombs, bombs, and more bombs! The tension with North Korea seems to get bigger and so does their bombs. North Korea recently conducted a successful test with a hydrogen bomb which is more of a threat to the U.S. But there is a bigger problem, if North Korea’s bomb is packed with hundreds of kilotons of TNT the missile could miss its target and still obliterate it.
Some precaution the United States took were stationing 30,000 troops on the Korean peninsula. What worries me is that our president always responds with negativity rather than a positive solution that would benefit us as Americans. If I wanted to know more about our president plans I would have to create a Twitter account.
I would like to know why there is tension between North Korea and The United States. I feel there is no reason to build bombs just to show strength. What interest me is how advanced and powerful North Korea’s hydrogen bomb is, and I want people to be aware.
North Korea and the United States continue to show each other their strengths. This has happened a lot this year. Trump threatened to respond to North Korea’s threats. I feel North Korea bombs are getting too advanced. Hydrogen bombs use fusion, the merging of atoms to unleash massive amounts of energy and atomic bombs use nuclear fission, or splitting of atoms.
Which means the explosion is way more powerful. It would be smart for our president to try and make peace with Kim Jong Un any way possible. But by the time our president decides to respond with something other than a tweet, North Korea’s hydrogen bomb might actually reach the United States.