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Road to Independence


By Skylar Martinez

LifeatStart.com reporter

Many adolescents crave independence, this includes driving. When picturing a young adult behind the wheel it can be traumatizing or relieving depending on who’s in the driver’s seat. Even though getting a teenager a driver’s licence is sometimes risky it’s important. A young adult shouldn’t depend on a adult for transportation everywhere. Giving a teen a driver’s license means they can count on the responsibility to drive them selves to and from school and even work. This can also benefit the family during emergencies, last minute events, etc.

I don’t have a license and it’s definitely a struggle between getting to work and school. I get complaints on the drive or a ride isn’t available. My family plans around my schedule so if a last minute call in occurs its a guessing game on if I can show up. I believe teens should be encouraged to get their license due to the inconveniences without it.