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Generation Disaster


By Cari Floyd

My grandparents and parents generations grew up having common courtesy. People used to show respect to others no matter their age using phrases such as please and thank you, referring to others as “ma’am” and “sir”, and offering help without expecting anything in return.

This generation lacks all of those qualities. Teenagers talk to their parents and teachers like they are the children. Instead of asking for permission to do something they just tell them what they want to do. The lack of respect to people in their own age group is just as bad, they refer to each other using derogatory words.

The entitlement issues are horrible too. Kids get so much handed to them without working for it and don’t appreciate any of it for example, getting participation awards. They expect their parents and others to break their backs to do things they could most likely do for themselves. I’m ashamed to even say that I’m a part of this generation. I look around at all these other teenagers and just think about all the things that they say and do and I’m just shocked at the way they act, at the way they think, and the way they carry themselves.

I’m just convinced that I was born in the wrong generation. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the way this generation operates. Can we as a generation just try and actually change? There’s no reason why kids and teenagers should be acting in the crazy and intolerable way that they do. Our ancestors would be disappointed.