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Play ball!


By Chris Click
Lifeatstart.com reporter

It’s the best time of the year. Baseball season has finally started. A year full of homeruns, walk off winners, no-hitters, and unexpected surprises. It’s such a long season, but that is okay because nothing beats going to the ball park on a perfect 75 degree night.

Watching the games on TV is fun and all, but nothing is better than actually going to the ball game in person. Nothing beats sitting back watching the game with the smell of hot dogs, bright sunny skies, and the crowd occasionally doing the wave.

I go to about five Detroit Tigers games a year and I always have a great time. I’d recommend going to a baseball game in the summer and not in April. Going to games in 45 degree weather isn’t fun at all. Go out to the ball game and make it one of many memories in your summer.