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Who are you?


By Alicia Woods
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Everybody can be vaguely described by one of three words: extrovert, introvert, or ambivert. Whether you are overly expressive and outgoing, shy and recluse, or just a perfect balance of both, all personality types are good in their own way. However, there are some setbacks.

Extroverts find conversing with others easy and are the can-doers of the world. They can express their thoughts and opinions and are an open book to most people. While those traits are positive, there are some setbacks to this mental state. It can be hard for them to be alone and bore easily if not with friends. It would also be hard to create a good connection with introverts, due to the latter’s lack of social interaction.

Next are the introverts. Though they don’t seem aware of their surroundings, introverts are actually very observant and analytical. They enjoy deep and meaningful conversations. The downside of being an introvert is the feeling of not fitting in and being alone. They are also misjudged due to their seemingly unnatural quietness.

Last but not least, the ambiverts. Many people deny their existence due to beliefs that there are no in between to the personalities above. While not as out there as extroverts, but not as withdrawn as introverts, ambiverts are the perfect mix of the two. They live the best of both worlds. Though it may seem like this personality type wouldn’t have any cons, the cons are in fact there. They are usually confused on what they want in life. They are seen as neutral, the grey in between black and white.

Neither personality type is perfect and have issues with their biological nature, but will make the most of their life. Extrovert, introvert, ambivert. Which one are you?