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E-cigarettes :(


By Lydia Braden
LifeAtStart.com reporter

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are an alternative to smoking actual cigarettes. There is a type of e-cigarette called a juul. Juuls are black and looks like a flash drive. E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular across the U.S. Many of my friends have juuls and use them on a daily basis, but they can cause major health issues.

You can get lung cancer from smoking e-cigarettes. One pod in a juul can equal out to 20 cigarettes and on average, one pod lasts about two days so e-cigarettes aren’t always the best alternative. Even though the pod flavors taste good, they’re not good for you. A juul starter kit costs $39.99 and to re-up on the juul pods, they cost $15.99, so they’re not cheap.

Scientists still don’t know the full extent of how glycol and aerosol can affect the body in the future. There are also toxins found in the vapor from e-cigarettes that can be worse than actual cigarette smoke. In conclusion, there’s no good alternative to nicotine therefore, don’t smoke.