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By Josie Sanchez
LifeAtStart.com reporter

As a high school student, how many times are we told that our current relationship won’t be our last? Or that it’s just young, puppy love that we’re experiencing? In many cases this may be true, but there are a select few couples that get lucky.

According to multiple marriage websites, the statistics for high school sweethearts has dramatically declined in recent years. However, that doesn’t mean that they have become completely extinct. In fact, many people in my life are high school sweethearts, including my grandparents, my boyfriend’s parents, and my cousin and her husband. After looking at multiple websites and talking to people, I came up with some questions that are frequently asked.

Aren’t you afraid of not experiencing your young adult life?

Multiple couples told me that this didn’t bother them whatsoever. They told me that they felt better having someone special to share all life’s events with; they said it was nice to have someone to always talk to, to laugh with, and even cry with when things aren’t always going right.

Don’t you feel tied down? What if you want experience new things?

Again, the answer was no. My cousin said, “Anything that I could possibly want to try I’d want him right there with me. And if it’s something I wouldn’t want him to be there for, well then I probably shouldn’t be doing it to begin with.” As for the tied down factor, doesn’t that apply with any relationship? You’re your own person at the end of the day; you should always practice autonomy.

Won’t your significant other hold you back from your dreams?

This was a hard question for some of the couples I spoke to. Many said that maybe it is slightly true. There are statistics that say in many cases one person in a relationship didn’t go to college in fear of abandoning their significant other. This reign trues with many of the couples I interviewed. On the other hand, the other half of people said that the goals that they dream of doing included their significant other and they’d want them there to cheer them on.

Doesn’t young love usually equal young parenthood? And won’t a kid be the only thing holding you guys together?

This question only applied to one of the couples I spoke to. My boyfriend’s parents had him at 16 and 17 years old, but are still married. They have even gotten their vows renewed in the past few years. If anything, having a child together has brought them closer to each other and expanded their love. They could have stopped at one kid but they ended up having two more; that has to count for something. Although they wouldn’t advise having a kid at a young age.

After hearing all of these responses, my opinions were confirmed. It is possible that some high school sweethearts can make it. Despite people’s negative outlook on young love, not all high school relationships are doomed.