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Quality over cost




y Alexis Cole
LifeAtStart.com reporter

People tend to spend a lot of money on name brand items just to fit in. They just want to spend it because it’s Jordan or Gucci. Some of them really need to ask themselves, “Do name brands really matter?”

There are a lot of people that by items from Pink, Finish Line and Michael Kors just to show off. Most people can’t even afford to buy what they really need because they’re more focused on buying expensive items to look good.

When I scroll through Facebook, I see tons of people wanting the new high priced Jordans. Even though they might already have a lot of shoes, they still feel the need to buy the newest pair to stay in the latest trend.

I heard quite a few people talking about new Gucci Christmas sweaters. The price of these sweaters start at $900. Why would anyone want to buy one of these? If you ask someone that wants to buy it, their answer would most likely be because it’s made by Gucci.

Some people say that buying expensive items helps them save from decision making and that it expresses who they really are. I don’t think that having a high priced wardrobe is how you can tell a person’s personality. Yes, sometimes it is nice to buy expensive items, but wouldn’t you rather spend $900 on many different items than just one?