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Sex over standards


By Skylar Martinez
LifeatStart.com reporter

Dating has changed drastically over time. Decades ago strict standards and guidelines were more common. It was women’s job to satisfy men. Don’t slouch or sit strange; don’t make it noticeable that you’re uninterested. Keep quiet, let him talk, and make sure it’s about him. Strict rules of being home at certain times and having parents’ consent to date. Dates consisted of spending quality time with each other, now it’s Netflix and chill. In this generation sex is an expectation over aspect today we set different standards when choosing who we date, their appearances shape our feelings. Today we value looks over personality, sex over common traits. We let other people’s opinions about a person influence our own.
Technology has a factor in how we associate with each other. Instead of interacting in person, most people sit behind a screen and communicate through social media. We show more attention to technology instead of acknowledging each other. Two people can be in a relationship and not know each other at all. Conversations are limited to simple text messages rather than going on an actual date.
I wish people accepted others for who they are rather than if they have the “perfect body.” Appreciate what we have because it’s what we want rather than what someone else wants or thinks.