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A girl’s best friend


By Sophie Graves

LifeatStart.com reporter

Everyone has different views on which is better, cats or dogs, my favorite is dogs. My reasoning for this is because dogs make me happier. If I’m having a bad day, which is normal for me, I always turn to my best friend Milo, my blue tick beagle who loves me unconditionally. He is always waiting for me to get home and even has a special bark to greet me. Cats are cute and all, but usually only show affection towards their owners when they want something.

Dogs are referred to as a man’s and woman’s best friend. They are loving, loyal, protective, friendly, and useful. They help with depression, provide stress relief, and assist disabled people. Dogs have been known to assist the police in many situations, whereas cats just get caught in trees. Dogs have lived side by side with people for a long time. As for cats, they just sleep and do whatever they please. If you disagree I’d be happy enough to discuss it with you over email @[email protected]